2013 Research Brief (Number 03): User Needs for Assistive Listening Systems in Public Venues for Hearing Aid Users

Date of Publication: 
2013 August

This research brief presents survey data collected by the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center for Wireless Technologies (Wireless RERC) to learn how people who are hard of hearing use their mobile phones, and also to learn about their experiences using assistive listening systems while attending public meetings and events.

The questionnaire was structured around 3 areas of inquiry:

  1. Cellphone use and satisfaction with sound quality
  2. Availability, use and satisfaction with assistive listening systems (ALS) in public events venues
  3. Interest in an app-based assistive listening system

The questionnaire was designed for a market needs study to assess the availability and potential value to consumers of a new mobile app-based assistive listening system for use in public venues.  The questionnaire is brief and the sample size relatively small (180 respondents). However, because of the importance of the subject matter – accessible public events for people who use assistive listening technology –  the data collected are presented here.  This initial project may serve as the pilot for a more comprehensive study currently under consideration by the Wireless RERC.


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